I’m Ethan John Kelly
I’m a creator

It’s great to meet you!

I voraciously learn.
Asking questions.
The right questions.
Discovering insight and inspiration
Challenging myself to find new viewpoints.
Intuiting discoveries from complex and subtle systems.
Strengthened with analytical thinking from laboratory and technical work.
I want to learn something new everyday.
With an amazing diversity of people around the world, I can't help but want to understand others. We are stronger together. In team settings, I look to weave strengths and weaknesses together, finding connections between the goals of teammates creating a unified front. In valuing one another we can create great things, and bring out the best in each of us.
I am creative within difficult restrictions. Blazing forth with optimism, we can bring ideas to life. Projects are synthesized, created from insight, observations, and vision. Flexibility is key. On its the project's way to fruition we develop through learning, creating minimum viable products, and testing through prototyping. The final solution brings joy to the client, the creator, and the user.

My Background

Mechanical Engineering & Design

I wield knowledge of applied physics, and technical skills earned through years in classrooms, labs and the workplace like how an artists wields a paintbrush.  The tools of engineering and science allow us to put ideas on paper, and realize what we imagine.  And just as art does, engineering and science give us deeper insight and analysis into the workings of the world.

See my professional accomplishments on my resume:


Amateur photographer with an emphasis on portrait photography, I’ve photographed weddings, sports events, and photo shoots, for individuals and companies.  I want to bring out the wonder of the world.

Process Design & Manufacturing

Improving everything from manufacturing processes with technical and human solutions, to streamlining data flow and providing issue visibility in corporate settings.  It’s wonderful to see others succeed, and a well designed processes provide people the foundation they need to excel.

I’m always roaring for a new challenge.

If you’d like to work with me, let’s get in contact!